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Bondloc B 641 Bearing Fit

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Bondloc B 641 Bearing Fit

Bearing Fit B641 is a single part Anaerobic securing compound, designed for fitting cylindrical metal assemblies and cures when confined between the parts. B641 will secure all types and sizes of Bearings, Shafts and Cylindrical parts which will require disassembly in the future. B641 is of medium strength and is colour coded yellow for job identification.

▪ Colour : Yellow
▪ Strength: Medium
▪ Static shear strength: 12N/mm²
▪ Service temperature range: -55°C – +150°C
▪ Viscosity Brookfield : 400-800cps
▪ Gap Fill : 0.2mm

Sizes Available: 10ml, 25ml, 50ml

Technical Data Sheet: B641 TDS

Safety Data Sheet: B641 – SDS10095

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10ml, 25ml, 50ml