Wear Rings & Bearings

The Bearing Ring also known as a wear ring guides the piston and rod of a hydraulic cylinder, and prevents metal on metal contact which will damage these surfaces and subsequently lead to seal and component damage, and fluid leakage.

• A polyactel bearing ring can be applied for both fluid and pneumatic cylinders.
• PTFE bearings are perfect for high temperatures.
• Glass filled nylon bearing rings give high bearing load capacity covering a wide range of temperatures.
• A high strength nylon bearing is available for telescopic applications.
• Woven fabric polyester resin bearing rings are compatible with many fluid powered equipment and is predominantly used in mining.

Abbey Seals can supply a wide variety and range of high quality Bearing or Wear Rings and Strips.

Product Description

Wear Rings & Bearings:

  • Excavators.

  • Mobile Cranes.

  • Quarry Equipment.

  • Bulldozers.

  • Forestry Equipment.

  • Agricultural Equipment.

  • Access Equipment.