Hydraulic Rod Seals

Hydraulic Rod Seals also known as Gland seals, Headbush or Neck seals and are the most important part of any fluid power equipment which prevents leakage of fluid from within the cylinder to the outside. Excessive leakage through the rod seal can reduce equipment performance. They seal the pressures during the stroke phase and position holding operation of the cylinder.

There are a wide range of single-acting and double-acting systems available. The hydraulic rod seals are available in rubber, polyurethane, PTFE, fabric reinforced elastomers and plastic.

Abbey Seals can offer a wide selection of metric and imperials sizes in a vast array of profiles and materials. From fabric reinforced vee packs, high performance polyurethane U Seals to PTFE slim groove rod seals.

Product Description

Hydraulic Rod Seals:

  • Excavators.

  • Mobile Cranes.

  • Quarry Equipment.

  • Bulldozers.

  • Forestry Equipment.

  • Agricultural Equipment.

  • Access Equipment.