Rod Wipers Rigid

Hydraulic Rod Wipers

Hydraulic Rod Wiper Seals or scraper Seals are installed in the gland of hydraulic cylinders to prevent dirt, fluid or foreign particles entering the cylinder as the rod retracts back into the system.Contamination can cause significant damage to the seals and bearings, rod and cylinder wall. Wipers can have another function that includes a hard scraping lip to get rid of other stronger contaminates, and also a secondary lip which can capture oil that may have escaped the main seal.

Abbey Seals stock a large range of metric and imperial sizes in flexible profiles for snap in grooves and rigid profiles for open grooves in materials such as polyurethane, polyester, PTFE, NBR, FKM & nylons.

Product Description

Hydraulic Rod Wipers:

  • Excavators.

  • Mobile Cranes.

  • Quarry Equipment.

  • Bulldozers.

  • Forestry Equipment.

  • Agricultural Equipment.

  • Access Equipment.