Bondloc Structural adhesive


Bondloc Structural Adhesives make use of a wide range of resin bases to provide end users with the best possible product for each individual application.

The full range of high-strength Structural Adhesives are compatible with today’s manufacturing processes and capable of providing even greater flexibility in component design.


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Product Description

Bondloc Structural adhesive

Ref Product Product description Mix Ratio Pack Size
B2001 Metal Epoxy Colour changes to grey after mixing. Applied under water 01:01 50g, 114g
B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Aluminium Epoxy Stick. After mixing it moulds like clay. 01:01 50g, 114g
B2003 Plastic Epoxy Speciality Epoxy Putty that mixes in one minute 01:01 50g, 114g
B2011 Epoxy Resin Two part rapid cold curing epoxy adhesive 01:01 28ml, 50ml
B2012 Epoxy Resin Reacts within a few minutes to give a tough resilient clear bondline 01:01 28ml, 50ml
B2013 Steel Epoxy General maintenance for repairs. Filling, rebuilding and bonding various metals 01:01 28ml, 50ml
B2025 Underwater Epoxy Waterproof epoxy resin, even cures Underwater 01:01 28ml
B2030 Titanium Epoxy High performance, high strength epoxy resin 01:01 28ml
B2060 Clear Epoxy Two part rapid cold curing epoxy adhesive, dries clear once cured 01:01 28ml, 50ml
B2204 Steel Epoxy High strength epoxy resin used for bonding aluminium window components 01:01 50ml, 400ml
B326 Structural Adhesive Tough, shock resistant bonds of high production speeds Single Part 50ml, 400ml
B3285 Structural Adhesive Polyolefin Bonder for HDPE and PP 10:01 38ml
B3294 Plastic Weld Dissimilar substrates, load bearing, resistance to weathering 01:01 28ml
B3295 Structural Acrylic High shear and temperature resistance. 01:01 28ml, 50ml, 400ml
B3298 Structural Acrylic Rapid fixture time, outdoor weathering or solvent exposure. 01:01 50ml, 400ml
B3299 Structural Acrylic Rapid fixture time, outdoor weathering or solvent exposure. 01:01 50ml, 400ml
B330 Structural Bonder Acrylic adhesive and an activator form a strong flexible bond 01:01 50ml, 300ml
B350 UV Curing Bonding close fitted substrates. Good bond strength allied with superb clarity. Single Part 50ml, 250ml
B357 Heat cured Epoxy Enhanced peel strength and impact resistance. High shear strength in hostile environments Single Part 310ml
B360 UV curing Ageing resistance, resists yellowing, good humidity resistance Single Part 50ml, 250ml
B5120 Radiator Stop Leak Epoxy repair stick suitable for radiator repair 01:01 50g
BRVMB Rear View Mirror Bonder Fast acting strong adhesive for bonding rear view mirrors to windscreen 01:01 2ml
BWRK Windscreen Repair Kit UV curable clear adheive for repairing cracks and chipped windscreens Single Part 2ml
BUVC Glass Bonder Clear adhesive which cures with UV light or white light Single Part 2ml
BCONDUCT Conductive Paint Ideal for repairing printed circuit boards, window alarm loops and heated windows Single Part 3g