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Bellows Seals

Abbey Seals offer an extensive range of bellows seals, suitable for any application, via the vast range we hold in stock. If you have a requirement beyond that we are happy to manufacture your exact requirement.

Bellows seals are recommended for applications with media containing solids and for hygienic applications, due to their non-clogging, self-adjusting and robust design. These very reliable seals are also customisable, as they can be specially produced to any working length and seat housing configuration. Suitable for pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.

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Product Description

Standard Bellows Seals  Types:


Type 14DIN series:

Universal compact DIN seals to suit three standard DIN working lengths.

Type 19 Series:

Robust bellows seal with non-DIN cross-section, available in three standard DIN working lengths and with stationaries to suit all common European housing sizes.

Type 1511/1511J:

Compact DIN profile, ANSI-compliant, bellows seals to suit the most common, American standard working lengths, with a choice of boot or ‘O’-Ring stationaries to suit American housing sizes.

Type 1520:

DIN profiled bellows seal to suit common European working length and housing sizes. Seal has same working length and seat as the Abbey Seals Type 20 and Type A2 seals.

Type 1724 Series:

Metal encased, rubber bellows seals to full DIN24960 (EN12756) L1K compatibility. The Abbey Seals seal face is retained to avoid damage during seal installation, a common problem with competitor seal designs.


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