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Water Pump Seals


Abbey Seals supply a substantial range of cost effective and reliable water pump seals, that are commonly utilised in high volume commercial, domestic and industrial water systems. These seal types generally serve applications such as swimming pools, spa pools, shower pumps, central heating systems, irrigation and light fluid duties.

Seal performance and life is frequently compromised by the nature of these applications and the fact that water is a poor lubricator of seal faces. As such, our standard stock product as shown on the following pages, incorporates superior seal face materials. That’s our ethos; focusing upon seal performance. We can also manufacture and supply to enquires in more competitive standard materials

Standard Water Pump Seal Types Below

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Product Description

Standard Water Pump Seals Types:


Water Pump Seals – Types 60 and 65

Sleeve mounted, rubber bellows seals of compact unitised design. Suitable for small shaft diameter, general low pressure applications. These rubber driven, rotary seal types are easily fitted and mass produced, under Abbey Seals’ stringent quality procedures.

Water Pump Seals – Types 70 and 75

Stationary based, unitised elastomer bellows seals, utilised in small shaft diameter applications. Compact, unitised design, provides excellent flexibility in accommodating shaft mis-alignment and with quality seal face materials, to extend seal performance and life. The adequate shaft clearance enables one size to be used on a number of shaft sizes, whilst being stationary based increases the seals bi-directional rotational speed capabilities

Water Pump Seals – Types 18

Enclosed rubber bellows seal, with short axial fitting length, ideal for equipment where space is restricted. In addition to the standard Carbon face, Abbey Seals also offer hard face alternatives for more demanding applications. The seal is also fitted with an internal plug as standard to aid assembly, this should be removed before the seal is installed


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