FEP O Ring

FEP/PFA Encapsulated O Rings

Encapsulated O Rings have an elastomer core which is encapsulated in a jacket of Teflon® fluroropolymer. Typcially these are manufactured with Viton® or Silicone or EPDM and the cores are FEP or PFA jackets.

Encapsulated O Rings are widely used in the food & beverages industry, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, where hygiene and chemical resistance is needed. As standard O Rings have poor chemical resistance and solid PTFE O Rings don’t have the elasticity for long-term sealing, the choice is the encapsulated O Ring.

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Product Description


FEP Jacket: FEP is the abbreviation for tetrafluoroethylene – hexafluoropylene. This material is similar to PTFE although has better mouldability making it possible to produce thin jackets for FEP seals.

Elastomer Core: The thermoplastic FEP jacket is a semi-rigid material. The elastomer core restores the elasticity of the seal. There are two different elastomer cores to choose from:

  • FKM, -20 Degrees to 200 Degrees
  • MVQ (Silicone), -60 Degrees to +200 Degrees


FEP Seal Profiles


Abbey Seals can provide many sizes of encapsulated rings, and hold a large selection of sizes in stock. If the size you require is not in the chart below , we can have specially made for your needs.