Seal Stretcher Heavy Duty

Seal Stretcher – Heavy Duty

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The Seal Stretcher enables you to stretch a heated PTFE ring to a desired size.  Once stretched the piston seal can be placed on the groove and secured in place with the Seal Clasper.  This makes for an easier process of fitting the seal into the cylinder after constriction.

The Seal Stretcher Heavy Duty has a levered arm to assist with the stretching.

  1. Put PTFE ring in a temperature controlled oven, heat it up to 120C; this will soften the PTFE ring.
  2. Fine turning the nut to limit the maximum size of stretching
  3. Place the heated PTFE ring on a suitable position of STRETCHER then press firmly and smoothly.
  4. Lay the piston seal onto the groove of piston. Clasp it back into the metal groove by using SEAL CLASPER.
  5. Piston can be inserted in to cylinder easily and safely after constricting.

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