Pnematic Piston Seals

Pneumatic Piston Seals

Pneumatic Piston Seals are simple asymmetric lip U Seals. They can be used in a single acting piston, or mounted back to back on a double acting piston.

The asymmetric lips on the seal are different due to the nature of the application. The outer lip is dynamic, so is short but flexible. The inner lip is static, so longer and stronger to concentrate the load on the static area.

The Pnematic Piston Seal has many Advantages which we have outlined below.

Abbey Seals stock a wide variety of high performance materials such as Polyurethane, NBR,VITON®,EPDM and SILICONE.

Product Description

Advantages Of Pneumatic Piston Seals:

  • Simple Grove Design.

  • Can Be Used In Air Lubricated Or Dry Applications.

  • Low Friction.

  • Easy To Install.

  • Excellent Wear Resistance.

  • Extended Service Life.