Pressure Gauges


Abbey Seals supply a wide range of high quality pressure gauges that are used in many different industries which are listed below, why not brand your pressure gauges with your company logo ? Contact us for more details.

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Product Description

Pressure Gauges By Industry: 


  • Workshop Test Gauge.

  • Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge.

  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge.

  • Square Gauge.

  • Safety Pattern Gas Gauge.

  • Low Pressure/Vacuum Capsule Gauge.

  • Low Cost Glycerine Filled Hydraulic Gauge.

  • Glycerine-Filled Pressure Gauge.

  • Gauges For Refrigeration.

  • Filterstar Gauge.

  • Electric Contact Gauge.

  • Differential Pressure Gauge.

  • Diaphragm Seal Gauge.

  • Diaphragm Gauge.

  • Absolute Pressure Gauge.