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O-Ring Recognizer


Different materials have different resiliencies, the O-Ring Recognizer was designed to recognise 4 kinds of rubber such as:

  • 1-EPDM70
  • 2-NBR70
  • 3-FFKM75
  • 4-FKM75

These O-rings are usually in black in colour and not easy to differentiate between the materials.  When you use this pen to hit the O-ring, the pen will bounce back to the material mark indicating the format of the o-ring.

Product Description


Abbey Seals International stock a wide range of Seal Tool Kits in both our Dublin & Cork locations.  Tool kits include Seal Hook Kits, O-Ring Pick Kits, Seal Clasper, Seal Stretcher, Seal Twister set & many more.

For more information drop in to our trade counters in Dublin and Cork or give our sales team a call.